How Our Property Scouting Partnership Works


We Are Property Wholesalers

We are Property wholesalers, and we wholesale vacant and distressed properties across the country. This means we put vacant and distressed properties under contract for less than market value, then we sell that contract to inventors for closer to market value. The difference between how much we put the property under contract for and what we sell the contract for is what we profit.

Property Potential Value @ $80,000
We Place Property Under Contract @ $60,000
Contract Purchased by Investor@ $70,000
 (70,000 - 60,000) = $10,000 Profit

2 Ways to Get Paid  

Referral Scouts are paid a flat $1000 finder fee for any deal that they submit that we get a deal done on.  This is our entry level position and after two weeks of scouting and learning how scout correctly, you are then eligible to become a profit sharing partner. Learn More



Partner Scouts are paid a 30% commission on total profit made on any property that is submitted and we get a deal done on.  Using the example above a Scouting Partner would receive a $3000 on this deal.  Partner Scouts not only earn more but we teach you how to build a career in Real Estate. 


Your Role as a Scout

Your job as a Property Scout is simple. You will take one picture of vacant and distressed properties (from your car window), when you are out driving.  You would then submit the picture and the address of the property to us through our property submitation page and we take care of the rest.

How You Get Paid 

We will keep you updated on the process on every property that you submit via email or phone call.  Once we get a deal closed we send your money via paypal within 24 to 48 hours of the deal closing.