Free Credit Repair Webinar

We created a Do It Yourself approach to credit repair that's both easy to understand and simple to follow.  The documents, information, and process we provide are the same as credit repair company use.  So if you want understand how to erase negative item from your credit report without hiring someone to do it for you, join our free webinar and let us teach you how. 


1.  We Teach You How The Industry Works 

If you are starting the process of rebuilding your credit, the smartest place to start is with understanding how the debt collecting industry works. It is important to understand that throughout the process of restoring your credit you will be dealing with creditors, collection agencies, debt collectors, as well as the credit bureaus. If you don't understand certain details about the industry, you will be at an extreme disadvantage. 

2. We Teach You Which Items To Dispute

Learning how to identify the items on your credit report that you are not legally obligated to pay will be key to restoring your credit in a cost effective way. Why? Because the more of these items you can identify the less money you have use to settle debts.  We walk you step by step on how to identify these items before you start your dispute process.

3. We Teach You the Dispute Process

Once you understand how to identify the items on your report that you don't have to pay, then we teach you how the credit dispute process works. Using our tools we show you step by step how to dispute the negative items on your credit report in a way that increases the likelihood of the items being removed successfully.